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Material design

Success of many challenging and innovative applications depends on the materials involved. An experience with a wide range of various materials proves priceless when selecting the one which perfectly meets the demands. If no material of sufficient qualities is available, a deep understanding of underlying physics becomes crucial for tailoring a new material. The expertise we offer includes:

  • Thin films (metals, oxides, nitrides, ceramics, diamonds etc.)

  • Crystalline materials (from oriented mono- and bi-crystals to ultrafine grained structures)

  • Functional materials (memory alloys, superelastic materials, composites)

  • Magnetics and superconductors

  • Piezoelectrics

Chemical and structural analysis

A demand for deeper insight into the material structure or composition can emerge at any moment of the product life cycle – during the design, along the product innovation, failure investigation or spoilage reduction. Those demands typically need to be addressed by a skilled specialist operating costly experimental equipment. We provide expertise covering:

  • Chemical analysis (surface analyses, depth profiles, average composition in bulk)

  • Optical and electron microscopy (magnified imaging, phase and chemical analysis)

  • Structural analysis (based on X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy)

  • Mechanical testing

Optics and lasers

Thanks to an extensive expertise in optics, we can provide the customer with complex services paving their way from the initial idea towards the desired optical application. This may include initial consultations, feasibility studies, development and final implementation of the optical system. Along this journey, we are ready to deliver:

  • Optical characterization (ellipsometry, spectroscopy, microscopy etc.)

  • Manufacturing of custom-made optical elements and systems